Educational Materials

The following materials are free offerings of the SCVP to help educate pathologists, pathologists-in-training, scientists and even lay persons about cardiovascular pathology.

Acute Cellular and Antibody-Mediated Rejection Tutorials for Endomyocardial Biopsy

The AECVP and SCVP have created two free web tutorials for the diagnosis of cellular rejection or antibody-mediated rejection on endomyocardial biopsy. These unique resources will allow pathologists of any level of training to feel more comfortable with this challenging specimen.

ACR TutorialACR TutorialACR TutorialACR Tutorial

COM'on - The SCVP Case of the Month

Posted on January 18, 2018

Case 40

A monthly unknown case will be presented every month (or so). We encourage everyone to make their diagnosis.

Heart Dissection Video

Dr. Michael Fishbein of the David Geffen Medical School of UCLA and former president of the SCVP has graciously made available his cutting video to properly dissect the heart. No more can a resident, fellow, or practicing pathologist claim they never had the proper instruction on cutting the heart. The videos are served from YouTube and each one has a link to the following chapter. These are outstanding educational videos.


Educational papers of SCVP Members

Dr. Fred Schoen has made his recent Annual Review of Heart Valve Disease available to visitors of our website.

Dr. Avrum Gottlieb has published a very useful book called "Planning a Career in Biomedical and Life Sciences." It is available through the Elsevier store and may be available through your university as a free e-book.

Position papers of SCVP

The Society for Cardiovascular Pathology, in conjunction with the Association for European Cardiovascular Pathology (AECVP) has been actively creating educational documents on topics important to cardiovascular pathologists.

  • Recommendations for training in cardiovascular pathology

  • Recommendations for processing cardiovascular surgical specimens

  • Consensus statement on endomyocardial biopsies

  • Consensus statement on surgical pathology of the aorta: 1. Inflammatory disease

  • Consensus statement on surgical pathology of the aorta: 2. Noninflammatory degenerative diseases - nomenclature and diagnostic criteria.
  • Cardiovascular Educational Materials at USCAP

    Click on this link (you may need to be logged in with your USCAP membership to access the material).

    Endorsed Position Papers of SCVP

  • Drakensberg Declaration