President's Report, November 2017









Cristina Basso, MD, PhD

Dear Friends,

Having taken over the Chair of the Society for Cardiovascular Pathology, I feel really honoured and deeply committed with the aim to promote the Society's mission.

First of all I would like to thank Barbara Sampson for her job in guiding the Society in the last two years, by promoting a renovation of the board with new entries of young and very active members, while maintaining the "hard-core" of reputed people who made our great our association and are still vital for its continued success.

It is exactly 19 years ago that I attended my first the SCVP Companion meeting as a student in training. It has been like a coup de foudre since, as I have attended all of the other SCVP companion meetings with the only exception in 2012 when in March we host the Morgagni celebration at the Padua University. This is why the SCVP is my home and I come back every year with enthusiasm, like at the beginning. Probably, it is not just a coincidence that both I and Barbara are previous Young Investigator Awardees (2000 and 1998, respectively).

As President of SCVP I would just summarize a few points:.

1. The fact that I am European and Italian should not be casual. During my short Presidency I will try to do my best to push the international profile of the Society. As you know I am also part of board of the European sister society AECVP and I believe this is a unique chance to foster collaboration and projects of mutual interest. In the past the two Society, thanks to visionary Presidents and members, were able to provide relevant documents such as the one on Training in Cardiovascular pathology, Endomyocardial biopsy, Surgical pathology, Inflammatory diseases of the aorta, Degenerative disease of the aorta. It is time again to propose new adventures or even shared registries/databases on peculiar or rare cardiovascular diseases.

2. People in training should be the protagonists of our meetings and, to this regard, Joe Maleszewski is doing a great job by devoting the Saturday afternoon pre-meeting session [so called SCVP Open Mic(roscope)] to them. This is the track to be followed.

3. Call for Cardiovascular pathologists. SCVP should feel committed to training of young generations in cardiovascular pathology, a discipline which is increasingly important, not only to implement applied research and cross-discipline collaborations with clinicians and basic scientists, but also for forensic purposes and relationship with the industry in the study/validation of new devices and diagnostic/therapeutic tools. Cardiovascular pathology can survive professionally and scientifically, especially in Academic teaching Hospitals, if coped with other "close" disciplines, such as pulmonary pathology, transplant pathology, forensic pathology, autopsy, etc. Thus, a main mission of the SCVP members should be to pursue this target at local and national levels.

4. Cardiovascular Pathology journal. This is the "window on the world" of our Society and the witness of our research activity within the scientific community. We must foster the submission of good papers to increase the visibility of our journal and its impact among both pathology and cardiology journals. The great job done by Max Buja must be acknowledged.

5. Web, Facebook, and Twitter are our ways for exploitations and dissemination. Communication and advertisement is the secret of the success of any social activity. To this end, social media, besides the traditional website, are warranted as a way to favour contacts, membership, discussion and interaction inside and outside the Society. The main aim is to share professional research, educational activity and research projects as well as to disseminate opinions and society documents.

Thank you to all the members and a special thank to Marc for his tremendous job as secretary and website master.

These are only some of the topics I would like to discuss with you at the next business meeting. We all look forward to the SVCP activities in the frame of the USCAP meeting to be held in Vancouver, March 17-23, 2018.

Best wishes,


Cristina Basso, MD, PhD

President, Society for Cardiovascular Pathology