Membership in SCVP

The Society for Cardiovascular Pathology is an incorporated organization devoted to advancement of understanding, diagnosis, and ultimate prevention or treatment of cardiovascular disorders. First organized in 1985 and incorporated in 1986, the Society now includes nearly 200 active members representing a wide range of biomedical research and discovery interests in cardiovascular health and disease. Scholarly activity of members and non-members may be published in the Society’s official journal Cardiovascular Pathology, published bi-monthly by Elsevier.

Why should I join?

The SCVP is the pre-eminent international society for the the study of cardiovascular pathology. Our members span the gamut of pathologists, clinicians, research scientists, administrators and veterenarians. The SCVP is a international society with members from thoughout the world. Members of SCVP are found in all of the blue colored countries on this map. If your country isn’t blue, please join us to help bring cardiovascular pathology expertise to your country.

Benefits of membership

  • Cardiovascular Pathology Journal
  • Yearly companion meeting at the United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology (USCAP) Meeting
  • Yearly awards banquet
  • Mentorship program
  • Exclusive member-only seminar series
  • Ability to interact with the leaders of the cardiovascular pathology field
  • Exclusive savings on cardiovascular textbooks

Who do I contact?

If you have questions about becoming a member please reach out to our Membership Chair, Melanie Bois. Our membership committee will guide you through the process.

Do you have reduced membership fees for individuals in resource limited settings?

New in 2022, if you live in one of the countries listed in the World Bank as a non High-income economy ($12,696 or more), and you are a new member, you can qualify for a resource limited membership fee of $65 for a regular member or $35 for a trainee. This membership will provide full membership in the SCVP, but will come with an electronic-only version of our Cardiovascular Pathology journal. If you wish to receive the printed version of the journal, you will need to provide the full membership fee.

How do I pay my annual dues?

There are three ways of paying the annual dues. One is to download, print, and mail the attached dues file to Dr. Silvio Litovsky, SCVP Treasurer.
A second option is to use our electronic PayPal option below. You may choose to make a credit card or bank draft payment using the online secure PayPal process. This is the preferred payment option for non-U.S. members, but may be utilized by any member. As a first time PayPal user you will have to register. After you register you will be asked to fill out your payment information. Your dues payments will automatically be deposited into the SCVP account.

A third option is to do a direct bank transfer of funds. For this option, please contact Dr. Litovsky directly for further details.

Pay yearly dues or make a donation to the SCVP Educational Endowment Fund

Select your appropriate membership level, then press the subscribe button.

Annual Dues

Please consider making a contribution towards our Educational Endowment Fund to pay for our educational initiatives.