SCVP Members

This is the jumping off page for the password protected area of the SCVP website. To view the SCVP Membership Directory, General Business Meeting Minutes, Treasurer Reports, or Executive Minutes, use your username and password on the link below.

Password Protected Areas

SCVP Mentor/Mentee Program

The SCVP has a mentorship program to aid SCVP trainees and young faculty members as the navigate a career in cardiovascular pathology. The Membership Committee is leading this initiative. Please contact the webmaster to request information on the program.

SCVP Silver & Gold Members

The SCVP thanks the following members for their generous contributions to our education funds supporting the future of our society.


  • Billie Fyfe
  • Adil Gasim
  • Avrum Gotlieb
  • Elizabeth Hammond
  • Robert Padera
  • He (Peter) Wang


    • Steven Cohle
    • L. Max Buja
    • Lou DiBernardo
    • John (Jay) Fallon
    • Marc Halushka
    • Joseph Maleszewski
    • Rick Mitchell
    • Dylan Miller
    • Richard Mitchell
    • Barbara Sampson
    • Mary Ann Sens
    • James Stone

SCVP Email list

If you are a SCVP member in good standing you should receive periodical emails from us. If you are not receiving emails from us, please contact the webmaster. Always remember to provide us with new email contact information if you move positions.