Board Members

Giulia d’Amati

Vice President / President Elect

Marc Halushka

Past President

Dylan Miller


Katarzyna Michaud

Councilor - 2025

Robert Padera

Councilor - 2025

Greg Fishbein

Councilor - 2025

Michael Seidman

Councilor - 2026

Carla Giordano

Councilor - 2026

Bihong Zhao

Councilor - 2026

Alison Krywanczyk

Councilor - 2027

Sarah Parsons

Councilor - 2027

Sarah Thomas

Councilor - 2027

If you are interested in joining our board, please be attentive to our yearly call for councilors, inviting all members to join the slate to be voted upon.

Committee Chairpersons

Melanie Bois

Awards (2027)

Stan Radio

Consitution & Bylaws (2025)

Chieh-Yu Lin

Education (2027)

Barbara Sampson

Long Range Planning (2026)

Mathieu Castonguay

Membership (2027)

Giulia d’Amati

Nominations (2025)

Carmela Tan

Program (2025)

Rick Mitchell

Publications (2025)

Maximillian Buja

Cardiovascular Pathology Editor

If you are interested in joining one of our committees, please reach out to the committee chair and let them know of your interest.  More information on each committee can be located in the SCVP Bylaws through our members only site.