Los Angeles, CA

SCVP and much of the world’s pathologists enjoyed a few days of lovely weather in sunny Los Angeles, California. Despite concerns of coronavirus and the need to tap elbows to say hello, our members persevered and contributed to an excellent meeting. Events kicked off with our Young Investigator Talks and our fourth annual Mary Ann Sens Open Mic(roscope) Night. Unfortunately Dr. Sens got snowed out of the meeting due to bad weather in the midwest. The young investigator talks included ventricular tachicardia, sensitization and rejection, hypertensive heart disease, and myocarditis. There was a lot of intrigue around fascinating cases brought forward by trainees during the Open Mic part of the event. Sadly, no one brought a Fabry+sarcoid+amyloid case for 2020. We were also without our superstar cameraman Bahig Shehta.

The Sunday morning sessions were billed as “A Look at Sudden Cardiac Death with 2020 Vision” and it did not disappoint. The sessions were very well attended by our membership and many other pathologists including numerous autopsy pathologists. A variety of topics around the theme of sudden cardiac death were covered. The speakers were Cristina Basso, Karen Kelly (filling in for Peter Lin), Julie Huss-Bawab, and Fabio Tavora. The keynote lecture was given by our Distinguished Awardee, Allan Burke. Dr. Burke presented “Sudden Cardiac Death Cases and What They Have Taught Me (and All of Us)” built around a number of excellent cases.

Our general business meeting after the sessions showed that our society is strong and active.

Sunday evening’s banquet was held at the Palm restaurant. There was great food and wine and the Baltimore contingent even approved of the crab cakes. Dr. Tavora, with the help of resident remembrances ably roasted Allan Burke. In addition, Joe Westaby was given our young investigator award.

Other great cardiovascular events were held on Monday and Tuesday. A variety of vascular diseases were covered in the excellent Cardiovascular Evening Session.

The 2021 SCVP Companion meetings will be swinging over to Baltimore, MD. We look forward to seeing many of you there. Pictures from Los Angeles 2020 are below. Clicking on one will start a swipeshow.